Mark’s wealth of knowledge and humble, down-to-earth approach makes him a pleasure to work with…the guy is an absolute legend.

After searching for years for the right business coach, it only took a short meeting with Mark to know we had found him.

Through Mark’s coaching we have completely restructured our business from top to bottom and have been provided with the tools to follow through on actualising our objectives.

The results we have achieved with Mark via the EOS system include a noticeable culture shift where high performance and accountability are at the forefront of the company.

We are more driven and task orientated with goals feeling more attainable than ever.

Overall, Mark is a great coach, mentor, and always supportive of our needs. The guy is an absolute legend.

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Anton Forte

Director – Swillhouse


Working with Mark has been simultaneously challenging and exciting. Not only does he listen, but he really pays attention.

I greatly appreciate his honesty. Our coaching sessions give me a calming sense of perspective, allowing me to generate new solutions and strategies. Mark has encouraged me to face situations in my business that I would normally shy away from. I sincerely thank him for his valuable support and really look forward to our next coaching session.

Ross Guardascione

Managing Director – Keeler Hardware

Keeler Hardware

Mark gave me the systems and tools to play a bigger game. It is a blessing to be working with him. He’s an absolute powerhouse.

Working with Mark Di Noia was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our business.

Mark started helping SHEETH in January 2019. We engaged him for many reasons, including his real life experience in creating and managing very successful businesses. Mark’s ability to listen and understand the difficulties faced in a business sealed the deal.

Mark genuinely cares about you and wants to help his clients create a better future, both within and outside of their businesses. He’s taught me how to understand businesses performance and make calculated decisions for the future. He works through micro and macro business issues and has an extraordinary ability to get to the root of any problem and help find the right solution.

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Hussein Sheeth

Co-Founder & Director – Sheeth Pty Ltd


Any business owner who operates their business without an external consultant like Mark is missing out on a lot.

George Hanna

Founder – HD IT


Mark has been a really good EOS implementer and I would recommend him to any business wanting to break through the glass ceiling or pass through a challenging time.

The strategic mindset and communication tools we got from Mark ‘s EOS tools have prepared us for a crisis such as COVID-19. I’m really glad we have had the chance to pick up the EOS tools and skills through Mark’s guidance last year.

Martin Kosasih

Director – Virtunet


Mark brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience and is a valuable asset to anyone looking to up their game.

Before we engaged in Mark’s services, we were looking for the right partner to help us structure and grow Yoghurt Digital. After speaking to a few business coaches and consultants, we felt sure that Mark and EOS were the right fit for us, as he had experience in both running and growing a company.

Now having gone through a few sessions with Mark, we have definitely felt the positive impact on our business. I would happily recommend any business owners and leadership team members to Mark.

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Ian Fong

Co-founder / Director – Yoghurt Digital

Youghurt Digital

Unlike many consultants and business coaches, Mark has made it to where very few business owners make it…he comes with my highest recommendation.

He has walked the walk, been on the front lines and has made it to where very few business owners make it. This makes for a very direct and real coaching experience. I always leave Mark’s sessions with an intense fire and hunger but also a clear practical implementable plan.

Lachlan Rowston

Founder – Lockeroom


I had worked with other coaches before Mark, but none appeared to be as honest and open. I highly recommend him.

I worked with Mark during a period of uncertainty for our business. We had new clients, but some staff instability and profits were dwindling. We needed someone with Mark’s skill set and business background to help us get through this important period in our business evolution.

Mark was able to provide us with the key insights necessary to make some big business decisions. I am very grateful for his guidance and support and highly recommend him to other business owners seeking some clarity and accountability throughout their journey.

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Mathew Klintfalt

Managing Director – Ultra Flow

Ultra Flow

As a small family manufacturing business in Sydney, we found the EOS tools highly valuable.

The tools help improve organisational clarity and structure. Mark as an EOS implementer really tied it all together for us by smoothing out and accelerating this process. His past business experience, along with his academic credentials and unique offsite location to run the sessions all combine to provide a comprehensive offering.

Chris Dengate

Balmoral Engineering

Balmoral Engineering

Mark had a plan on taking us through a range of outcomes that were not always convenient. Each day we worked with Mark, we grew.

We engaged with Mark 9 months ago and have been on an evolving journey over this time. Mark was able to punch through any inbuilt resistance and get to the core of issues. The team evolved and we changed. Not everyone was able to buy into our vision and only 3 people remain from the original group who met. And we are stronger for it.

We now know what we want; what works for us and everyone knows that they are now accountable for their part of the operation. There is no longer anywhere to hide. As a business owner, this has allowed us all to break through our normal modes of communication and share the vision, mission and expectations. Our leadership team is focussed and is expected to deliver.

Mark is able to keep us on track to achieve the objectives of the day. We’re looking forward to our upcoming annual review with Mark. He remains a great resource for our key team members to refer to when needed.

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John Krisenthal

Founder – 365 Care

365 Care

Mark keeps you focused on the overall picture. He has a way of making sure you keep yourself accountable.

Running a small business makes it easy to get caught up in the daily hustle.

Anthony Kubiak

Owner – Builtworx Group

BWG Projects
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